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Dive Deep Into Our Healing Modalities

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Are you looking for an additional method to help you release stress, relax, or make healthier choices? Maybe you need guidance to figure out your next steps on life's path?
Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that dates back thousands of years. It is a non-invasive, safe and simple way to treat the persons' body, mind and spirit. It combines two Japanese words Rei (pronounced ray like a ray of sunlight), interpreted as spirit, higher power, universe, etc. and Ki (pronounced Key) interpreted as life force. It is most often translated as "universal life force energy." Reiki is taught and practiced all over the world. We have the innate ability to heal ourselves and others. 
As a natural form of healing, Reiki should not be regarded as a cure for any condition, but rather to support and enhance other treatment forms. Reiki encourages deep relaxation and a sense of well being, as it assists the physical bodies own healing ability to function more effectively. 
During a Reiki session, a practitioner places hands gently on or near the body, in a sequence of positions. This hands on healing technique helps transfer energy through the palms of the practitioner to the patient, in order to encourage physical and emotional healing. 
Energy healing can help with the following:

-boosts healing 

-lowers inflammation 

-helps relieve pain

-supports immune system

-aids sleep

-deep relaxation (rest and repair) 

-balances chakras

-supports emotional cleansing

-reduces depression and anxiety

-dissolves energetic blocks
60% of the top 25 US hospitals, among others, offer Reiki programs either formally or informally. These hospitals include The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins. 

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We all have the ability to tap into another vibration to help us access universal information that can help guide us through life. The ability to channel this energy and learn to work with it is something I have dedicated my life to. I have felt very connected to the Angelic realm and have experienced endless serendipitous moments that make me believe there are no coincidences. My psychic ability is the gift of clairsentience combined with claircognizance. What this means is I simply have the ability of clear feeling and often clear knowing. While clairvoyants have clear seeing, and clairaudients have clear hearing, I just receive quick hits of information relevant to the energy coming through. Death is not a permanent goodbye.  Our energy, soul and spirit live on all around us in many different ways. Finding feathers can be a sign from heaven, as feathers appear when angels are near. Finding coins, pennies or dimes can be another way they can reach you. Repeating numbers, smells, songs, and names can all have meaning if we just pay attention and learn to tap into our intuition.  Signs are a special language our loved ones in spirit use to get our attention and to keep in touch. They are always using signs to send messages, to bring you comfort, guide you and let you know they are with you everyday.

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At Guiding Light Sunset, we are just as energized by educating clients as we are about facilitating healing sessions. If you are craving more knowledge about our craft, schedule a session below!

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