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My name is Kristen Stefiuk and I am 44 years old. I have been happily married for the past 19 years to my husband Nick, and I have two beautiful children Ellison age 16 and Nikolai age 13. I graduated from Plymouth State College in 2001, with a Bachelors degree in Childhood Studies. From there, I moved to Boston and was a full time professional nanny. Twelve years ago we relocated to Nashua NH, where I continued my nanny endeavors before focusing on being a full-time Mom.

From the outside looking in my family looks like a happy, healthy family and today we are exactly that. What many people don't know or can't see, is the amount of struggle, trauma and sadness we have dealt with over the past 6 years.  On August 24th, 2016 my cousin Michelle was killed by a bus while in a crosswalk in Providence, Rhode Island. This event rocked my world and unfortunately started a chain of events nobody should have to bear in a 6 month span. A week after Michelle's passing, I flew to Maryland to hold my grandfather's hand as he crossed over to Heaven on September 2nd, 2016. 24 hours after my arrival he took his last breaths in the bed he and my Guardian Angel (my grandmother Maureen) shared my entire life. Although this was difficult, it was also a gift to have that last conversation with him. Fast forward six months to March 2nd, 2017 when my cousin from the opposite side of the family was also hit by a car. She was life flighted, critically injured, to a hospital in Jacksonville Florida. Unfortunately her 16 year old sister in law she was walking with, died at the scene. Another Michelle gone too soon.  I flew to Florida to be with my family as we prayed for my cousin during her 16 hour neck fusion surgery, where we hoped she could regain movement; as she was paralyzed from the neck down. With the tenacity of a warrior, my cousin has made the most miraculous recovery! She walks on her own and is substitute teaching after graduating college! She is a living Earth Angel!

As if this wasn't enough, my husband was also battling an addiction to prescription opioid medication this entire time. He did the bravest thing anybody can do, and asked for help. We had him in a rehab facility just 10 days after the car accident. He stayed for 30 days and has been clean and sober ever since. His sobriety is our greatest gift and I am proud to say we are survivors of the opioid epidemic, because unfortunately not many people can say that. 

During this 6 month span, I felt like the grim reaper. I lost other friends and loved ones to addiction and suicide during this trying time. It felt like I was at rock bottom and I knew I needed some major healing and guidance. Through these life events, I became more aware of the fact that life goes on. Our energy and our spirit lives on long after our "meatsuit" has been laid to rest. As an intuitive empath, I have always strongly felt others feelings and emotions and have always had a strong desire to help people. Being in tune with my intuition and higher power, helps me to tap into what people need support and guidance on.  Through my self-transformation, I have harnessed many new tools for my tool box to guide me forward through life. I want to help others tap into the bodies innate ability to heal itself, when given the time and opportunity to do so.

My goal at GLS is to guide you, support you and teach you the tools you need on your self healing journey. 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 were spent learning, growing, evolving and changing.  This included formal trainings from Brandy Hill at Banyan Tree Yoga, who certified me in Reiki 1, 2 and 3. I attended a life changing workshop in Sedona Arizona with Charles Virtue where I became certified as an Angel Practitioner, Advanced Angel Practitioner, Angelic Medium and Soul Ascension Therapist. I attended psychic medium Matt Frasers online course Signs From Heaven, as well as attended numerous other workshops and trainings on Energy Clearing, Crystal's and Angel's. I recently completed an 8 week mediumship mentor program with Lauren Rainbow. I also became certified in basic level Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). I am now finally confident enough to say that I am a medium and I am here to help others.  In May of 2023, I became a Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and look forward to bringing Reiki training workshops into my business in 2024! My passion for this work is endless, and I look forward to helping others awaken their mind, body and soul. Let us work together to find you balance, health and happiness in 2023. 

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How We Got Our Name

The name for my business comes from a few of my favorite things. I grew up in the most quaint, kid-centered, safe and incredible neighborhood on Sunset Road. That is my original "happy place" and lucky for me, my parents still live in the same house after almost 35 years! When I was a teenager, we didn't have cell phones or social media so an afternoon was often spent with my best friend watching our favorite soap opera Guiding Light! Often times we would watch it while lying in my parents waterbed (yes those were actually a thing in the 80s and 90s!) Sunsets have always been one of my favorite things and a reminder that whether today was a good day or not, that a new day is always ahead. A sunset is a great reminder of appreciating the present moment, while knowing that a fresh start is always at your disposal.

Meet Kristen: About
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